America Independence Day


America Independence Day!! Happy Fourth of July! Finally, I got the opportunity to take a look at the event in Memorial City Mall~ It was pretty interesting. The professionals sculpted the Ice Statue of Liberty right in front of everyone, and it looks super awesome!

Just that the heat was unbearable that I almost fainted. Oops, dehydration! Luckily, I quickly went back to the mall and got some rest. I guess I should bring more water with me wherever I go now XD

Hey, Guys!

Hello, everyone! I am Emily and I am new to blogging. I would love to share my experiences on new things and my life with you. It would be awesome if my experiences can be a great inspiration for you!

I am an introverted person even though I enjoy traveling the world, meeting new friends and having conversations with others. I hope I can be able to talk more comfortably with others instead of gradually becoming anti-social.

I love learning languages and I want to communicate with more people from various countries… Of course, in their languages. I also love drawing and making crafts. They make my life awesome! Stay tuned for more!!